Charlotte Nesmith Brady
Botanical Watercolors
Prints & Notecards
Giclee prints, Lithograph prints, and Note Cards available for purchase.

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Allow up to two weeks for your order. All prints shipped flat on foamcore board.

Prints have 1.5" border for flexible framing options.

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Printing Methods Explained
A French term for "fine spray." It is used to differentiate a technique from ordinary offset printing. A Giclée is made by a digital printer's tiny inkjets that spray millions of droplets water-based ink into fine archival watercolor paper. Giclées are produced one at a time and the process and materials used are carefully selected to assure maximum print longevity to make them suitable for the fine art market. The Giclées you see on this website are printed in this way. See also Wikipedia for a detailed description of the process.
Offset Lithograph
A photograph is taken, and a metal plate of the artwork is mechanically produced. The plate method is treated so that only certain areas will retain color. Several plates of color are used in the press which picks up a different color at each plate. The Lithographs you see on this website are printed in this way on 100% rag paper.
Dixon Graphics is my printer. Contact them for printing information and services.